Every story has a beginning, and ours begins with our dad.

This photo embodies who our father was and the example he set for us. He taught all four of his children to be fully present and to have a hands-on approach in all that we do. We learned the value of a strong work ethic at a very early age and we are forever grateful for his example. Our story is still being written, and we are blessed that he will forever be a part of it.

Chris Reardon 1938-2006

My Endless Summer pool is DONE!

I can’t recommend them enough! I had a one in a million issue with my foundation (nobody’s fault) and while they had completed my pool beautifully in record time, they had to rebuild it from scratch. They stood behind their work and even took care of the landscaping that was damaged in the rebuild. Top quality work and so honest which is priceless!

Rita, January 2024

Endless Summer Pools did an absolutely incredible job for our family!

We first connected with Tommy to discuss what we wanted to accomplish, then moved to the next phase and worked with Carli on designing our dream pool, then we signed the contract and were off and clearly felt in great hands. The level of professionalism from each person at this company is astounding! The care, attention, follow up and quality could not have been any better from start to finish. After excavation, gunite, and flooring, the tile install was next up and headed by their specialist, Bruno. His eye for detail made it appear like it was his pool being completed. If he wasn’t happy with an area, he would see to it that it was made right before I even had a chance to correct it. Carson was yet another key person to us. He acted as our daily liaison at the office letting us know every morning what was being done and when; we were never in the dark and without questions. Lastly, Tommy’s brother and partner, Ross, would visit our house constantly to ensure the work was being done to his satisfaction and that we were without stress. This is how it was the entire time….. not a hiccup ever. We can’t imagine a company doing any better of a job, it’s just not possible in our opinion. Thank you Ross, Tommy, Bruno, Carli, Carson and the entire ESP family for making our back yard beyond what we could ever of imagined. To say we recommend them for anyone searching for a company to handle their pool project would be a massive understatement.

Stacy, October 2023

I cannot say enough good about Endless Summer Pools of Florida.

From start to finish, from the sales consultants to the construction team, every single worker was professional, on-time, and everything was delivered as promised, within the expected time-frame. No ask or request was left aside, and every single interaction I had with the team was positive. Phone calls were ALWAYS returned, and I truly felt respected in the process. The process was fully explained and there were no surprises. It is truly an honest family owned business. The entire Endless Summer company was a pleasure to work with. I have already referred to a few of my friends. Cannot go wrong with this company!!!!!! Thanks Ross and everyone else at Endless Summer! It was a pleasure to work with you!!!!!!

Abby, February 2023

Where to begin?
We interviewed just about every single pool company out there before deciding to use ESP.

We almost landed on another company until we met with Tommy from ESP. From the moment we first met him, we knew we were in good hands. Tommy took the time to go through 4 design ideas to find the one that suited us best. He also answered probably dozens of questions I had when comparing his quote to another leading company (even though ESP was less expensive, I had equipment questions). I also never felt pressured to approve or pay for anything until it was perfect. Did we experience delays? Yes, with COVID this was inevitable. However, Tommy, Ross, and the ESP team kept us in the loop and had great communication throughout. Was everything perfect? Nope, but as close as you can get. Minor deck issues post completion that were fixed within one phone call. I would imagine no build goes without any type of issue. Since completion we have had minor issues (our fault) such as inadvertently flipping the switch that controls the flow valve for heating causing the spa to not heat. A couple of quick texts to Ross and he was here within a couple of days to show me what I did wrong, and how to fix it.We hands down have the best pool in the development if not the zip code, and cannot recommend ESP highly enough.

Adam, 2022

Five-star operation from start to finish!

I highly recommend Endless Summer Pools! Starting with Tommy explaining the process and going over all of my options prior to signing a contract. He showed me tons of paver & tile options to choose from. With Brittany’s help, getting the permit application approved and scheduling the different inspections, it kept the job going smooth and on time! Once the permit app was approved, Ross took over & moved things forward at 110 mph from dig day all the way to my family jumping in our new pool! Watching all of their different tradesman and seeing how they each took pride in what they do, I felt confident I was going to be happy with the end result. I could not be happier! Thanks Tommy, Brittany and Ross for a great and seamless experience in building my pool!

Dale, 2021

Tommy has gone above and beyond to make me happy.

He did research with the city of Boca to understand the setbacks and allowances. He visited the site on many occasions to hear my concerns and ideas. While we performed a soil test, he was present to make sure the drilling was done at the proper site. Please note, all this was done before I signed a contract with him. I am more than thrilled with Endless Summer Pools of Florida, Inc. Their attention to detail, responsiveness, professionalism and quality is unsurpassed. Can’t thank them enough.”

Carmen, 2021

Ross and his Endless Summer team didn’t just build us a pool, they helped us transform our entire space into a beautiful backyard oasis!

This was our first pool. We spent almost a year getting quotes, researching companies, looking for design ideas etc. We finally narrowed it down to 3 potential builders, and Endless Summer was one of them. The prices were all comparable so it came down to a gut feeling combined with a very positive referral from a close friend. We chose Endless Summer and are so happy we did. We dealt with Ross every step of the way. He was the sales guy, the project manager, the customer service guy, the site supervisor, you name it…he did it. As the project progressed, it felt like I was doing business with a friend. The pool came out absolutely amazing! Ross was transparent every step of the way. If something was going to be delayed by a few days or a week, he’d tell you the truth why. In most cases, our minor delays were because Ross only likes to work with certain vendor partners who operate like him and if they weren’t available on the day we needed, we waited. Lastly, I don’t like messes. Having our back yard dug up was tough. But Ross ALWAYS ensured that the site was clean and safe from beginning to end. We couldn’t be happier. We LOVE our pool. Once you talk to Ross, you’ll understand why he’s so different than everyone else in this business. He doesn’t just sell you the pool and go away. He’ll be there almost every day of every week until your pool is done. That’s tough to find in this business! Happy building!

Jason, 2020

I obtained three quotes from three different companies.

Although Endless Summer’s was not the least I chose them because I had already experienced their quality workmanship. Several months prior to my selection they had completed my brother’s pool and they did an amazing job at it. Ross ensured that every detail was meticulously done. The job was completed in a timely manner just as he estimated in spite of Palm Beach county’s attempt to impose undue delays due to superfluous regulations which were met to the utmost. I was not looking forward to the ordeal of pool construction but Endless Summer Pools made a pleasurable experience and they continue to assist us which any support. I would highly recommend Endless Summer Pools to anyone with no hesitation whatsoever.

Erasmo, 2020

Sadly, customer/contractor relationships often do not end well, and we’ve had my share of horror stories. With Endless Summer Pools, it’s the exact opposite.

The team at Endless Summer Pools are hard working, hands on and totally focused on delivering a product that exceeds their customers’ expectations. From design to organizing our first pool party, the team kept me informed at every stage of the build process; there were no surprises. In the end, we have a gorgeous and unique pool that forms the centerpiece of our new home. It’s an inviting outdoor oasis for family and friends; and we could not be happier with our new family and friends at Endless Summer Pools.

Charlie, 2019

The staff and designers at Endless Summer Pools are by far the best we have ever worked with.

This is our 2nd pool we have built with them and they hit it out of the park. They brought our vision to life and helped us create a resort like pool in our backyard. Complete with waterfall fire-bowls. The craftsmanship of the pool from beginning to end is hands down top notch quality pool building. Thank you Ross and the staff for another exceptional pool building experience.

Kimberly, 2018